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New York tries to ignore the law, cries when it gets caught

democrat arrogance rears up and bites them in the ass again. From Power Line Blog, the link:

Power Line

Last night on our Power Line VIP program, Steve noted that the Department of Homeland Security plans to deny the privileges of its Global Entry and other Trusted Traveler Programs to New Yorkers. The Global Entry program enables American citizens and permanent residents who travel abroad to avoid long customs lines when they return to the U.S. New York

Part of the Global Entry/Trusted traveler program is a requirement that state issued identification comply with the Real ID Law. Here it is below.

Here are the requirements for state participation in the program.

New York has denied Homeland Security access to New York criminal records and driver’s license information. No access, no ability to verify information. No verification, no access to Federal programs. What is so hard to understand.

New York proving that the observation still holds true.