Much Ado About Nothing

I spent the majority of my law enforcement career working narcotics. That meant most of my day was spent rubbing shoulders with liars, crooks, whores, junkies, robbers, burglars, car thieves and murders. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I never felt stressed on the street, stress began when I walked into the secure area of a police station.  

South Carolina Deputy Fields is going to find out that the turds on the street he has been avoiding by hiding out as a school resource officer (SRO) are rank amateurs when it comes to backstabbing, lying and cheating. Keep in mind this sweet young thing, victim was told by both a teacher and a school administrator to leave the classroom and she refused.  First landmine for Deputy Fields had this lovely girl committed a penal violation or was it just a status violation?

SRO are caught in a bastard position, they are peace officers who have the authority to arrest for violations of state law.  They are also expected to enforce school policy which carries no authority to arrest.  I’m going on Texas law here.  But the SRO is subject to the authority of the Principal.  Many Principals exert “home rule” over their school and can override district policy. This means there may be an expectation that the SRO will do what he is told. The deputy is now entirely dependent upon the good graces of the school administration to back him up. Fat chance. 

Before we continue, it is of course necessary to ignore any responsibility the this sweet,lovely,victimized, abused, put upon and abused child had to follow school policy.  Ignore common courtesy due an educator and administrator by her.  We must however, give her the respect she demands because she is taking up space and breathing.

The teacher and the administrator both wanted this sweet innocent child removed from the classroom.  They both tried and failed and turned it over to Deputy Fields. The smartest thing Deputy Fields could have done, at this point, is turn to the administrator and said, “It sucks to be you, I’ve got better things to do.” Instead he did what any reasonable person, except teachers, school administrators and elected sheriff’s could see as a next step.  He moved to take physical control. That did not work out the way the the teacher and administrator envisioned.

The Sheriff, Waffle, Weasel, whatever is already trying to cut Deputy Fields adrift prior to the completion of the investigation.  The news report makes a big deal that he has had three excessive force complaints in the past.  None of which were substantiated.  Had the complaints been valid Deputy Fields would already be civilian Fields.  One thing the Sheriff Weasel, Waffle, Wobbly Kneed or whatever can take absolute pride of ownership in is as Chief Administrator he felt it was a good idea to get Deputy Fields off the street and hide him out in a high school as an SRO.

Deputy Fields first mistake was letting the Sheriff railroad him into a SRO posting surrounded by teachers, school administrators and students.  He should have stayed on the street with the pimps, whores, dope dealers and thieves, all and all a much better class of people.

Thanks and a hat tip to Mark.