MSM Strikes Out Again

This article purports to be the definitive list of Texas locations featured in movies. Wrong.
Here are some movies that they forgot.

Piranha, 1978, scene photo taken at Aquarena Springs

I watched this scene being shot. I had four friends somewhere in this mass of panic stricken humanity. The EMS dudes were real paramedics, not actors.

!975 Filmed on Ranch Road 12/32 west of San Marcos, Texas
The Getaway, Steve McQueen making a fast exit from the Courthouse Square On West Hopkins Street, San Marcos, Texas

During the ensuing chase two cops drove a patrol car into a building. They were real cops the CID and Patrol commanders of the San Marcos Police Department.

Filmed Lockhart, Texas with chase sequences slopping over to San Marcos, Texas

The magic of Hollywood. A three minute chase scene stretched from downtown Lockhart, Texas, to a stretch on highway 21, outside of San Marcos, to the streets of San Marcos, out to Hunter, Texas and then on to Wimberley. The chase is seamless. However it would have taken an hour to cover the same distance. Another problem is that many of the streets don’t intersect.

Just another example where the MSM may help you kill time while sitting on the toilet. As an information source, not so much.