MSM Nothing but the Narrative

It’s AOC’s Fault!

An idiot twists off and kills people in a mall in Allen, Texas. Let the finger pointing begin! If you will pardon the expression umber one with a bullet is that perennial MSM favorite the AR-15. The shooter is responsible for the carnage, the rifle was just the tool. Second on the hit parade is the right-wing Nazi theme, always a crowd pleaser with liberals. There is more but the less said the better.

Garcia devoted much of his rants towards another theme. Pussy, he wasn’t getting any. Using liberal logic, blame can be apportioned to AOC, (no brains, nice tits). Had she been there for him and given up the booty, it may have calmed the savage beast.

Garcia self-identified in some posts as an “incel,” a term the Anti-Defamation League defines as “heterosexual men who blame women and society for their lack of romantic success.” Some posts were sexist and expressed anger toward women.


I suspect there wasn’t anything political in his ravings. How many right wingers are going to post on a Russian Internet sight? Had the shooter espoused BLM rhetoric he would have been hailed as a hero by the left. This didn’t fit with his intent to demonstrate his view of being an outsider. The INCEL thing has legs, but no guy wants to admit that he couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse waving a fistful of hundred-dollar bills. Cue the Nazi shit.

This shooting didn’t have to happen. We’ve all heard of grudge fucks. Let’s start a trend ladies, find an INCEL and throw him a charity fuck. Do it for the children.

Prevent gun violence, screw an INCEL