MSM Misleads Once Again

Ted DeLisi is set to be released after serving thirty-one years on a marijuana conviction. THE HORROR! Read the headlines, any of them, all of them. Then ask how much marijuana was he accused of selling?

I don’t know,. None of the MSM outlets that have run with the story have mentioned how much weed he sold. Musta been a joint, maybe a ounce or two. Probably not.
DeLisi and his older brother, Ted DeLisi, were convicted in 1989 of trafficking in cannabis, conspiracy to traffic in cannabis and a violation of the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act.

Go far enough down in the story and one will find he was convicted of trafficking under the RICO Act. Chances are the amount of marijuana he trafficked was measured in tons. To invoke RICO DeLisis was the head of an extended criminal organization. But to mention that fact ruins a good story. The other thing to consider is Florida in the eighties. South Florida during that time was a war zone. The battle was over who controlled the drug trade. Don’t believe me watch reruns of “Miami Vice”, TV never lies.

The other thing to consider is that DeLisi could have cooperated with the government and likely mitigated his sentence. He didn’t. He rolled the dice and lost. He got what he asked for.