MSM Follies

Murder for hire. Prominent citizens. Sex and adultery. Sounds like this is a story made for the San Antonio Express News. Nope, Nada, not a mention. Want the story you have to go here:

The Daily Mail finds the story news worthy. Why not the Express News?

Prominent Texas defense attorney, 45, and his female colleague, 33, are arrested for ‘hiring an undercover cop to kill her ex-husband’

  • Attorneys Seth Andrew Sutton, 45, and Chelsea Tijerina, 33, were charged with conspiracy to commit capital murder on Friday in Waco, Texas
  • Sutton allegedly paid an undercover Waco police officer to buy a ‘clean’ gun to kill Tijerina’s ex-husband, Marcus Beaudin
  • He and Tijerina allegedly gave the cop detailed instructions for the murder  
  • Beaudin, 37, was arrested in February after being accused of molesting a child 

I believe the answer for why there is no interest by the Express News is found eighteen paragraphs down in the story.

Sutton is well known among legal circles in Waco. 

In 2017 he launched a bid to unseat the incumbent McLennan County District Attorney but dropped out before the Democratic primary. 

The key to democrats being scandal free is a willing press to suppress the news.