MSM Bullshit and Bias

Brandon Caserta

The headlines breathlessly proclaim right wing militia members arrested for plotting to kidnap Michigan governor. They identify one of the ringleaders as Brandon Caserta. The New York Times describes the events. The exhaustive reporting failed to find this photo of Caserta. It is available on U-tube. Interesting flag for a right wing zealot to display.

So are these guys right wing, left wing, or no wing? Beats the shit out of me. The Famous But Incompetent (FBI) made the case. The New York Times, (all the news print to fit), reported it. We may never know. It’s a hell of a thing, to resort to quoting Ilhan Omar. But her quote, “Some people did something…” may be the most accurate description of the perpetrators and their intent.

Ihan Omar, “Some people did something…”

Once you remember that the goal of the media is to sell tampons and toilet paper, everything makes sense. As the late Jimmy Breslin used to say: