MSM Bias

Beer, as important as the tube

Here’s the headline, “Cops Say Gun-Loving Engineer’s Account of Tubing Death Is Undercut by Videos and His Wife” A guy was tubing down the river with a gun? Nope. He ran back to his car and got a gun? Wrong again? No, he wielded a pocketknife with a three-inch blade to stab four people, one died. Where did the gun come into the deal? It didn’t.

At first blush it looks like two groups of assholes got in an argument. One jerk stabbed four others and one of them died. River, tubes, I’m pretty sure alcohol is not a factor. Nobody has ever floated down a river with a beer in hand.

But what about the gun? The guy charged with murder apparently expressed support for the 2nd Amendment on social media. Hang em, Hang em high!

I can’t think of anything lower than a liberal.