“Movin” On Up, 2020

Micky D’s. You want that to go?

What does it say when black business people don’t want to do business in black neighborhoods?

Here are some garden spots where McDonald’s franchises are able to operate.

 IraqAugust 10, 2006Baghdad1(source: 2006)38,270,000
LebanonSeptember 18, 1998Beirut23(source: 2018)264,435
 Pakistan (details)September 19, 1998[44]Lahore71(source: 2020)1,858,491
 NicaraguaJuly 11, 1998Managua6(source: June 2010)
Franchises were shut down during the civil war but reopened after 1998
VenezuelaAugust 31, 1985Caracas133(source: 2018 website)

What does it say when Beirut offers a better business climate than an democrat controlled American cities?

What would Tony do?