Liberal Logic #164

The beauty of being a liberal is it enables one to be consistently inconsistent and to hold mutually opposing viewpoints without acknowledging the conflict. The Jusse Smollett hate mongering scandal is just one example.

You might be a perpetrator of a hate crime if :

As an actor you portrayed a character across racial lines.

Warner Oland as Charlie Chan, a Swede playing a Chinese
Orson Welles, portraying Othello

Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr. appeared in a vaudeville act as a child. He was know for his dancing ability. He claimed that he appeared on stage in blackface, posing as a white midget instead of a preteen black child.

Florida Secretary of State (former)

He resigned because he appeared at a frat party twenty years prior wearing black face. Black face is an unacceptable sin. The cross dressing 44 DD’s excited no adverse comment.

All this leads up to the ultimate victim, Jusse Smollett who hired two thugs to beat him up. Here is their picture. Black guys posing as rednecks.