Jerks to the Left of Me, Idiots to the Right… Trapped in the Middle

Looking for a gift? Go somewhere else.

Store manager refuses to allow uniformed officer, customer, in the store. Cue the outrage.

We’ve all done it. Popped into a store while on duty or going to and from while in uniform. Sounds like a good reason not to patronize this establishment.

Years ago, while on duty, I cut a finger severely enough to require stitches. No big deal, I drove myself to the local emergency room. It was a slow night and I was seen almost immediately. The doctor visit was followed almost immediately by a security guard. He came to relieve me of my gun. There was a generalized fear that I would shoot up the place while under the influence of Novocaine.

I could tell by the guard’s manner that he was prepared for an argument and was trying to be as non-confrontational as possible. He was surprised when I gave up my duty weapon without comment. He offered to lock the weapon in my patrol car. I gave him the keys.

By the time he returned with my keys, I was sitting on the treatment table. My pant leg had hiked up and was hung on the butt of my backup pistol. The guard handed me my keys and retreated without comment. His eye said it all, “They say take his gun. I took his gun. They didn’t say anything about taking two guns.”