It’s Obvious!

Phi Beta Kappa, candidates?

I admit it! I sometimes read stories and draw conclusions from those stories that other people miss. If it wasn’t for me pointing out the obvious those folks would remain forever ignorant. Take this story.

A mild mannered pervert would contact women, at random, via social media. He posed as a woman. In that he role talked the victims into sending him nude pictures. He them revealed that she, was a he. He demanded that the exhibitionists give him sex. The alternative, if they refused was he would publish the photos.

It doesn’t take a criminal mastermind. This scam or variations on the theme has been going on forever.

He has been arrested three times. The arrests didn’t stop him. A judge got tired of his antics and jailed him with no bond. The victims are characterized as follows:

 According to detective Joshua Locke, Cooper targeted “smart, professional women he didn’t know.” the Post presents Cooper’s victims as ordinary, intelligent, and “professional…” It says something about our culture that heterosexual women — with boyfriends, no less — who get involved with female strangers on dating apps are labeled “ordinary.” It says something about our culture that women who send nude media of themselves to strangers — in at least one case, the day after the online “relationship” began — are supposedly “intelligent.”

The Federalist Blog

The Blog author and most folks use this as a cautionary tale. To them, it is the perfect platform from which to opine about, morals, the breakdown of civilization, and the nefarious use of technology. Yada, yada, yada.

That’s not what I see. Nope, the decline of western civilization can be traced to one event, going all the way back to 1920. Yup, the Nineteenth Amendment. Read the article again.

Complete stranger asks a supposedly intelligent woman for naked pictures of herself. First question, just how low is the bar set to characterize a woman as intelligent? The pictures are sent via the Internet, a medium that never forgets and is beyond control. Then this same individual is surprised when things don’t work out as planned. SOMEBODY THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO ALLOW THESE SO CALLED VICTIMS TO VOTE?

Think about it a moment and you’ll see I’m right.

I’ve got these, I don’t have to think.
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