It’s Not Complicated

Coming soon to a pharmacy near you. Over the counter NARCAN. The only hold up is to ensure the instructions for use are idiot proof.

Emergent BioSolutions Inc. sells a prescription naloxone nasal spray known as Narcan. Opiant Pharmaceuticals Inc. developed the spray and collects royalties on it. Kaleo Inc. markets prescription Evzio, a naloxone auto-injector. Most states allow naloxone to be dispensed without a prescription but pharmacist participation has been spotty.

Gottlieb said a requirement for testing showing that consumers can read a label and use a nonprescription drug properly has been a barrier for companies that want to sell over-the-counter naloxone. Companies will still have to ensure consumers understand parts of the label that are product-specific.

I was a narc for fifteen years. I don’t see the problem. No matter how stupid the dopers, they have a PHD in getting high. A needle freak can hit veins that doctors and nurses would take a pass on. Quick, how do you get Fentanyl out of a skin patch? Dopers know. Dopers can walk into a WalMart and shoplift all the components needed for a fully functioning speed lab. Given the choice between a great high and dead…they’ll figure it out.