I’m So Pretty

Austin Police Department wants you!

The Austin Police Department has a long history of hiring gay and lesbian officers, with one proviso. No closets allowed. A homosexual candidate who denies their orientation is not eligible for hire in Austin, Texas. The denial will be used to disqualify the candidate under the psychological guidelines established and used by the department. http://moonbattery.com

Is there conundrum here? My understanding of transsexuals is that whichever way one chooses to go, they must live and present as that sex. There are transsexuals who haven’t made the great leap. Are they male, female? What to put on an application? If one denies that pesky chromosome are they in violation of APD hiring policy?

Does the fact that they are psychologically unstable, suffering from a severe mental disease or defect as defined by the DSM5 automatically preclude hiring? If the Department can ignore the DSM5 in regards to BDD, then why not schizophrenia? It may be acceptable to place psychopaths in elected office, is it desirable to make them police officers?