This is one of those stories that doesn’t make a whole lotta sense mainly because you have a journalist interviewing a psychologist/psychiatrist. With a combo like that it is doubtful that rational discussion was on the table. England has this serial killer and they don’t know what to do with him.

Peter Sutcliffe Serial Killer is known as the Yorkshire Ripper.  Voices told him to kill prostitutes,  which he did with great abandon in the mid 70’s. He was sentenced to multiple life terms.  Once in the prison system the powers that be decided he was crazy and he was sent to a lockdown facility where he has remained up until now. Initially he resisted treatment, but finally got with the program.

His Doctors announced that he is cured, of what I am not sure.  They say he is at low risk of reoffending.  In the same breath the Doctors state that they can’t keep him.  Reason given, they cannot guarantee the safety of other patients. I guess that means he is now rational enough to kill because he likes it, rather than being driven to kill by voices that only he could hear.  How reassuring.

Oh, oh, I know, send him back to prison to complete his multiple life sentences. Weatherman, politicians and psychologists/psychiatrists can go a whole carrier never once getting anything right and make a nice living.