How Come?


Some folks seem to miss the point. Laws are designed to inform citizens of what conduct constitutes criminal activity. The hope was that people would avoid the conduct. Failing that the second object was to define the range of punishment for not living up to the standard. The penal code was never intended to be like a Chinese menu: “I’ll have one from column “A” with that from Column “B”.

It’s more like the take off from Burger King, “You get the damn thing my way or you don’t get it at all!”

It seems in most cases, where statues have been defaced or destroyed police and prosecutors have been unable or unwilling to charge suspects. The Martinez cops jumped on these two, like a duck on a June bug. Both are facing a whole list of charges. The only thing the cops left out was “jaywalking.”

Okay, I don’t buy the whole civil disobedience thing. What the video depicts is vandalism, pure and simple. By the same token, I wouldn’t be surprised if the city violated some obscure traffic code regulating signage on a public street. My take on folks like this, regardless of their political leaning, is it isn’t the message that its important. It’s the messenger. “Look at me! I’m out in the trenches. See how committed I am.” (Or in the case of Summer Taylor, “Look at meeeee, I can Fly.)”

Summer Taylor, flies through the air with the greatest of ease. Like the girl on the flying trapeze Jaguar!

According to CNS News a majority of liberals oppose prosecuting criminals who deface public property in protest.

Wonder if that sentiment applies to these two?