How Come?

Stop me if you have heard this one. Two guys disagree on politics. One murders the other. One is labeled an extremist, the other not so much. The guy on the left, Shannon Brandt (a democrat) murdered the guy on the right Cayler Ellingson (a republican) by running him over. Can you guess which one the press labeled as an extremist?

Shannon Brandt Cayler Ellingson

Ellingson was labeled as an extremist, in the MSM, for his views. Brandt gets a bye on his actions. Remember this every time you tune in to the MSM. This is example of the Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect. Don’t know what that is? At the link.

Brandt has stated that he doesn’t feel that he should suffer any ill effects (loss of job, prosecution, or incarceration because of his actions).