Honorable Wounds

Rep. Steve Scalise Wounded on Ballfield in Hail of Bullets


Call me cynical, by the time this is all over, we will find out that John McCain was playing left field, Brian Mast was catching, and Susan Collins was on deck. Anything for a headline.

I am not saying that they are dishonest. I am just trying to figure out how the Republicans will screw this up and turn this against them. I can already hear the press complain, “No Fair” the players on the field moved when the guy started shooting.

The narrative has already started, Scalise was playing second base. That puts him with his back to the third base dugout (depending on how deep he was playing) when he was shot in the “hip.” Where does it say he can’t still be a hero if he was shot in the ass? I can see MSM with charts and diagrams and Doctors from Johns Hopkins trying to differentiate between a “hip” wound and a “buttocks” wound. Forest Gump where are you when we need you?

I wish Rep. Scalise a speedy recovery. When the questions come and they will, ask yourself, “What would LBJ do?” Then do it.