Good Shit!

75 Percent of Spanish Cannabis Contains Human Faeces

Toke On!

When I worked dope there was a whole new vocabulary to learn. Shit was no longer bad, it was good. Everybody wanted to know, “Is it good shit?” Or when discussing the relative merits a common comment was: “Looks like good shit.”

“Good Shit” was good shit without regard to which good shit. Good shit was situational. It could be marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, all that mattered was: “Is it Good Shit?”

I’m sure if you looked on you tube long enough, George Carlin probably had a routine on the use of the term “Good Shit.”

The ultimate irony is that when a doper heard,”It looks like good shit,” it wasn’t. When an undercover police officer said it, it meant bad shit was fixing to come raining down on the doper’s head.

This ain’t good shit if you’re the one face down in handcuffs.

This is as close as I could get to a Carlin quote on “Good Shit.”

Yeah, they do George