Girl With Gun/Nomination for Hero Badge

Kristen Hyman, girls with a gun and whips and chains too!

Here is another situation where the Department may be perceived to be acting unreasonably, but it will prevail in the end. The gotcha, according to the department, is that Ms. Hyman apparently failed to divulge her film career. Had she disclosed that she was an actress in some movies that never saw wide release and made personal appearances in support of the films, she might be okay. She could have been a hell of an interrogator.

At least now her defensive tactics instructor knows why she was so familiar with the use of handcuffs and nightsticks. Former-dominatrixfights-to-keep-job-as-police.

The nature of technology is such that nothing much disappears down the rabbit hole, never to be seen again. Nancy Pelosi worked as a model in her late teens early twenties. During a time before the advent of the Internet and videotapes. Porn, back then, was shot on 8mm reels that did not stand the test of time. We are not likely to see Nancy grinning out from under a Shetland pony anytime soon.