Ghetto Lottery Winner

Another Rhodes Scholar Bites the Dust

I have no information regarding this shooting, other than what is revealed on the video. It appears that the suspect has no particular objection to being arrested. He just isn’t going to be arrested from the “felony prone” psotion. The officer isn’t going to approach until he has backup and the approach of choice is the “felony prone” position. Make no mistake both officer and offender know how things are supposed to work. 


Once backup arrived and got set, the lead officer went the extra mile. He is confronted with an armed non-compliant suspect where the proper response is to match deadly force with deadly force. The lead officer holsters his weapon and opts to use his taser, this is probably a violation of policy. The deployment of the taser represents a use of force at a lower level than is required by the suspect’s actions. However, he has hedged his bets with the two armed flanking officers. I think it was a good call and worth the effort.

I am not a mind reader, but I would be willing to bet that the suspect has a checklist of criteria to be met prior to him submitting to arrest. From experience here are some of the criteria:

  1. Multiple officers carry out the arrest, preferably at gunpoint.
  2. (Unarmed) beat down by arresting officers.
  3. No female officers.
  4. He voluntarily gives up, (hands over) his weapon.

If these criteria are met, then the suspect can claim he was “respected” by the police. Anything short of that and he was disrespected and that is a source of shame. The old days of an arrest under any circumstances being a source of shame are long gone. The suspect’s refusal to “assume the position” and objection to being tased removed all other options from consideration. It’s all about STYLING.

I can’t tell which came first, the firing of the taser or the suspect going for his gun. When he reached for his gun the ensuing pink mist hovering over the body is a foregone conclusion. One thing is for certain, the suspect pulling and firing his weapon at police is going to limit the payout to his Mama in the Ghetto Lottery.

There can only be one party in control of a situation like this and that party is not going to be the thug.