From Sinner to Saint

George Floyd got more than he bargained for. He was willing to accept a slow death by passing a phony $20 for a pack of Salem cigarettes. Little did he know that ten minutes later he would be the latest winner in the ghetto lottery. He ran into Officer Chauvin. Two assholes got in an argument, one went to the morgue, the other went to jail.

I am not defending the cop. I think he screwed up royally. Chauvin probably needs to be fired and prosecuted. He doesn’t need a ride on the railroad engineered by the mayor.

At the same time, Floyd is undeserving of sainthood, or what passes for it in left wing circles. According to Harris County, Texas records Floyd had numerous felony arrests and several convictions.

Friends and family say he got out of the habit of being arrested, once he moved to Minnesota. That may explain the resistance he offered during his latest felony arrest. Then again going to jail is like riding a bicycle. It is a skill one is unlikely to forget.

Over the years I’ve been in an out of jails and prisons 10,000 times. It didn’t bother me none. Course, I was booking in assholes like Floyd.