Friends and Family

Hunter Biden, hard at work

Hunter Biden, Billy Carter and Roger Clinton walk into a bar… Hunter Biden was acting as a bagman for dear old dad and democrats are surprised. It isn’t necessary to delve too far into the past. I almost didn’t include Billy Carter. He was a paragon of virtue compared to Hunter and Blow Job Bill’s younger brother. I’m not trying to lay a collective guilt trip on the Biden family. I bring up the antics of family members to illustrate that such allegations are nothing new.

A cache of e-mails from Hunter’s laptop reveal e-mails discussing payola and kick back schemes to benefit the Biden family.

Billy Carter, a drunken younger brother of then President Jimmy Carter tried to capitalize on the family relationship for his own benefit. Jimmy, the second worst President ever, didn’t profit from the arrangement.

Roger Clinton was the cocaine dealing younger brother of Blow Job Bill. I met the narcotics investigators who established a relationship with Roger and made multiple purchases of cocaine from him. During those transactions Roger related the following.

Roger got into the cocaine business after Blow Job Bill became Governor of Arkansas. As Governor, BJ Bill’s movements were restricted by a protective detail and security at the official residence. The increased security posed problems for his cocaine supplier. Roger, as a family member, didn’t have to explain why he was visiting and was not subject to search. He was recruited to supply cocaine to BJ Bill.

Dope dealers are cheap bastards. They could have paid Roger a salary or paid him cash for piecework (a set fee for each delivery), but they didn’t. They gave him an apartment in a complex that they owned. In this same complex, the dope dealer real estate investors, maintained an “executive apartment.” I am unclear as to whether it was one apartment for Roger and a second “Executive apartment”. It would make sense that Roger resided in the “executive apartment.” BJ Bill could drop in on his brother any old time. The executive apartment was part drug den, part whorehouse and part clandestine meeting spot for BJ Bill’s questionable friends.

In addition to the apartment, the dealers paid Roger in cocaine. The dealers were importing kilos of cocaine. The cocaine was then cut and distributed in smaller quantities for retail sales. Here is an example of how the math could work. If they agreed to pay Roger $3000 in cash. That would be money that they would never see again. If they paid Roger in cocaine valued at $3000 (wholesale), their actual cost likely be a fraction of that. The deal would be attractive to Roger because he was getting $3000 (wholesale price) in cocaine. He could convert it to twice the value at retail prices. This was an ideal situation, until Roger started selling dope to the narcs.

One of the narcs recounted that during the first transaction Roger stated, “My brother’s the Governor, he’s a regular Hoover (vacuum, not dead FBI director) he’d be face down in this shit (cocaine).” Roger took a liking to his two new friends and offered to take them to the executive apartment to party with the Governor, at a later date.

They went back to the supervisor and described the invitation. The supervisor insisted that they coordinate their investigative activities with the State Police narcotics section. They argued against the idea, pointing out that it was the State Police that were providing a protective detail to BJ Bill. They feared that their undercover would be compromised. The boss stood firm, They did as they were told and talked to the State Police Narcs. Roger Clinton never returned their calls after that meeting.

Here we have Hunter Biden. He was kicked out of the Navy after a positive drug test. He has been in and out of rehab for drug and alcohol issues. The stories of his antics in titty bars are legend. He has at least one child from a titty dancer. This is one reason Dementia Joe is confused when asked about grandkids. Do bastards count? He has had more no show, no work jobs, for high pay than any ten Mafia family members. With all of that baggage, Internet social content providers still aren’t sure that the e-mail story is credible.

The relationship between democratic politicians, Internet moguls, social media mavens and other so called “global elites.” brings to mind a joke.

A guy stops to pick up a hitchhiker. Once they get rolling again. The hitchhiker thanks the driver for picking him up. He puts the question to the driver, “Aren’t you afraid that I could be a murderous psychopath?” The driver replies, “Nah, what are the odds that two murderous psychopaths would randomly come together in the same car?”

One should keep in mind that serial murders maybe psychopaths. Not all psychopaths are serial killers, some become CEOS and politicians.