First Tourist Trap

Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock
Mayflower II, Plymouth, Ma

I visited Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II back in the early sixties. It was the first time I experienced a Ralphie moment. It doesn’t take much to impress a ten-year-old, but Plymouth Rock didn’t make the grade. It was just another BFR*.

Vandals painted Plymouth and several statues in an act of vandalism. Here is the story.

Don’t shed any tears. The rock is just a rock. There are no indications that the Pilgrims were ever associated with it. It’s the same thing with the Mayflower II. No Pilgrims were transported in it. My mother’s cousin was part of the crew during the recreated voyage in 1957.

All and all the flacks handling the PR for Plymouth did a much better job than the Chamber of Commerce for Roanoke Colony.

BFR Big Fucking Rock