Final Conviction

Can you guess the party affiliation?

Former Massachusetts Democrat Senator Awaiting Corruption Trial Found Dead

Former Massachusetts State Sen. Brian Joyce is surrounded by reporters as he leaves the U.S. Federal Courthouse in Worcester, Mass., Friday, Dec. 8, 2017.

Brian A. Joyce
Photo: Charles Krupa/AP

28 Sep 20181,158 

The body of former Massachusetts senator Brian A. Joyce was discovered by his wife in their home on Thursday.

According to a statement by the Bristol County District Attorney’s office, the former assistant majority leader was found dead in his Westport, Massachusetts, home. Joyce did not seek re-election in 2016, after he was charged with corruption which included taking approximately $1 million in bribes, and even leveraging his influence to help a Dunkin’ Donuts store owner in exchange for free coffee.

The headline is from Breitbart. Breitbart takes the guesswork out of determining party affiliation. However, check the MSM stories and Joyce has no party affiliation. The allegations against him not only include taking a million dollars in bribes but also accepting Dunkin Donuts coffee. Note to the medical examiner, check for signs of a caffeine overdose.

I was a cop for thirty years. I wish I had a quarter for every time I heard somebody say, “that’s crazy. He must have been insane to do ….” Not to be pedantic but the terms crazy and insane are not interchangeable. Crazy, as it is used, is outward manifestation of a psychological condition. There are plenty of people that may suffer from a mental health defect, yet do not act out. Insane is a legal term and refers to an individual who is incapable of distinguishing right from wrong. 

Massachusetts politicians and democrats are not crazy or insane. They are just taking what experience has shown is an acceptable risk. The average person would probably conclude that the risk reward of stealing a hundred dollars is not worth it. Oh yeah?

Ex-official indicted on larceny charges

October 1, 2008

CAMBRIDGE The former probate register for Middlesex County has been indicted for allegedly stealing money from copy and cash machines at the Registry of Deeds in Cambridge. A grand jury indicted John Buonomo yesterday on 12 counts of breaking and entering into a depository with intent to commit larceny, eight counts of theft of public property by a county officer, and eight counts of larceny under $250. No date has been set for his arraignment. Buonomo had pleaded not guilty in Cambridge District Court and was released on personal recognizance. Buonomo was arrested in August and resigned on Sept. 7.

Boston Globe

Buonomo told police he stole an estimated $30,000 from the cash and copy machines in the Registry of Deeds — which was captured on videotape — to buy office supplies for his cash-strapped office, prosecutors say Buonomo stole to bail himself out of financial problems.

Lowell Sun

Most people believe that violating the law carries with it consequences. If they commit a violation they will be arrested. If arrested they will be prosecuted. Prosecution will result in conviction. Conviction will carry social stigma and punishment. It is this sort of crazy thinking that democrats and politicians will never understand.

Democrats know that should they be arrested for a crime. They got away with hundreds, where they weren’t arrested. An arrest is unlikely to result in a successful prosecution. Should a conviction be likely, it can be mitigated by entering into a plea bargain. Probation does not rehabilitate and is not punishment. Imprisonment is the cost of doing business. It may be inconvenient, but it is a chance to take a breather, hang out with old friends and learn new ways to victimize society. 

A crack dealer we arrested summed it up perfectly:
He had just sold a quantity of crack to an undercover officer. The officer gave the bust signal and the arrest team moved in and arrested the dealer.

He laid on the ground demanding to know why he was being arrested. We informed him that he had just sold dope to “the man” (police).

The dealer protested his innocence saying: “I didn’t sell dope to the po-lice. Everybody knows it’s against the law to sell dope to the po-lice.”

I guess that just adds to the great debate: “If you sell dope and the police aren’t there, is it a crime? If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it; does it make a sound? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Other than joining the Republican party, is there any behavior too egregious for democrats to tolerate?”