Final Conviction, Happy Ending

The MSM at work, don’t confuse me with the facts. LAPD officers spotted a guy on a stolen motorcycle. They tried to stop him. He ran. They let him go. Chasing a guy on a crotch rocket on crowded city streets is a low percentage game. That doesn’t prevent the MSM as characterizing the event as a “police chase.” There was no chase. A helicopter followed the thief. Maybe it was a police helicopter, maybe not.

I don’t know the origin of the video. The speed indicator is for the helicopter, not the motorcycle. I’m guessing that the video was shot from a “news/traffic” helicopter. If it was a police video, I would expect to find time, date, GPS and unit identification on the video but there isn’t any. At any rate the motorcycle came to a sudden stop when it hit a car head on while it was turning left. The thief continued his flight (literally) for another 100 feet or so. Good thing he was wearing a helmet. When he landed, he was DRT (dead right there). On the plus side the judges were unanimous in rating his final swan dive.

The news bimbo characterized the event as tragic. For whom? The motorcycle owner is out a bike. The people in the car are afoot. The car is totaled. I guess that could be considered tragic. There is an upside to all this. The motorcycle rider died doing what he wanted to do. He didn’t get arrested. His mama will not have to come up with bail money or attorney’s fees. His baby mama will now qualify for SSI. Mama and baby mama will never have to wonder about where he is or what he is doing ever again.

I can see it now. The cops will get sued for a chase that never happened. The driver of the car will get sued for fail to yield the right of way while turning left. Don’t forget the obligatory quote from mama, “he was turning his life around.”