Figures Lie….

Liberals look at the forest, but can’t see the trees. Fill in the blanks. A guy walks into a whore house and shoots ___________. If you answered Asians you would be wrong.

This guy claims to be a sex addict. His primary source for release… massage parlors. The therapy he was seeking had nothing to do with relieving tension in his neck. Nope, he was looking to relieve Mr. Happy, located further south from the neck. Providing services to Mr. Happy for money is commonly called PROSTITUTION. The reality is that he was targeting prostitutes. What most people don’t know is that there is a strong Asian presence in the massage parlor business. A Happy Ending is more than just a massage.

The first rule of hunting is common sense. If you want to go elephant hunting, go where the elephants are. That pretty much rules out New York. Deranged as this idiot in Atlanta may be, he knew where to find the targets of his ire.

Was there profiling at work in Atlanta? There certainly was. Here is a picture of the shooter. The only way this guy was going to get laid was in a massage parlor with a $100 bill clutched in his sweaty hand.

Atlanta shooter.