Cultural Appropriation in Plano

Spencer Hight, Plano Shooter

According to Black Lives Matter (BLM), accused Plano shooter, Spencer Hight committed murder but also the far more heinous crime of “Cultural Appropriation.” Hight, a white, male murdered eight people attending a Dallas Cowboy’s football party at the home of his ex-wife. According to Celanese Fortrel Johnson, cultural occurs when appropriation involves pieces of an oppressed culture being taken out of context by people who have historically oppressed those they are taking from, and who lack the cultural context to properly understand, respect, or utilize these elements.[10

Johnson went on to say that everybody knows that seemingly senseless violence during a sporting or social event is black phenomena. It is played out in black communities every weekend. A white male racking up such an impressive body count is an affront to hard working black male psychopaths and gangbangers nationwide. Cowboys-cookout watchparty-ends-with-8-dead-in-Plano.

Could have happened.