Crime Prevention?

Next Million Dollar Idea

A new set of wackos with the potential for mass murder has been identified. These guys are not treatable with traditional medication. Fortunately, I have a solution.

This new group are called INCELs. that is Involuntary Celibate. Here is a brief description and link to an American Thinker article.

INCEL is a contraction, meaning ‘Involuntary Celibate.’ This is a polite way of saying that someone, through lack of social skills, financial status, or physical attributes, couldn’t get a date at a cathouse…  INCELs have a severe resentment and dislike of women (collectively called ‘Stacies’) growing out of years of rejection, equally deeply held resentment towards the alpha males they apparently cannot emulate (they refer to alphas as ‘Chads’), and a now-militant outlook.

Could the INCEL Community be Propelling Mass Shooters?
By Gabriel Williams

Based on what I’ve read, I have a solution. Here she is:

There was an old joke in Playboy. A doctor is in an exam room with a male patient. In the background is a buxom nurse, spilling out of her uniform. The doctor tells the patient, ” I’m taking you off Valium and putting you on Valerie.”

This is just a variation on the theme. We can avert the whole mass shooter crisis by prescribing these guys a sex robot. Bear with me here, this will work. These guys are so socially inept they couldn’t carry on a conversation with a pretty girl anyway. A vocabulary consisting of harder, deeper, faster, don’t stop! will cover all eventualities.

With no basis of comparison, silicone ought to be just fine. Many of these guys will probably disappear into their mother’s basement never to be seen again. The whole idea is to get the INCEL to identify which is their weapon and which is their gun. Then get them to drop one and pick up the other.

A chicken in every pot is all well and good. But man doesn’t live by bread alone. For the price of a sex bot all sorts of societal costs can be avoided. The first step is to identify potential INCELs and hook them up. If the program proves successful it could be expanded to include shut-ins and the elderly.

Medicare already pays for individual prosthetic devices. The sweet young thing above is just an amalgamation of prosthetic devices all in one package.

This could be the replacement for pill mills. A doctor on the east coast just got forty years for running a pill mill. This is a million dollar idea. No controlled substances. Medicare has paid millions in back, knee brace and mobility scooters this is a natural. Scripts for sex dolls.

In the interest of complete research, I visited one of these sex doll websites. It’s like buying a new car only with boobs! These dolls are custom made. A customer can choose boob size and twenty-five different nipple types, pink brown, relaxed, protruding, the list goes on. Hair color and style, race, height, weight, and body type. Don’t get me started on vaginas, there are a dozen variations. Just the process of ordering could take weeks.

Throw in an order of Viagra with every purchase and INCELs will be too tired to pick up a rifle.