Could Be Worse….

Jonathan Watkins

I guess everything is relative. My sister claimed that she had a neighbor from hell. She lives in Florida, so there is a very high standard for hellish neighbors. At any rate, with neighbors like this guy, she has no room to complain.

Just as I suspected this guy lives so far back in the Appalachians that Interstate Highways are just a concept. At 38, there is no guarantee that he has ever seen an Interstate.

Seems he needed a winter coat. Most people would go to the WalMart and buy one. It is likely that WalMart is another concept that hasn’t made it to David, Kentucky. According to Google maps David, Kentucky has one road, no traffic lights.

Ain’t a thing for a country boy. He set about gathering pelts, so he could make his own coat. Unfortunately, he used the neighbor’s dogs.

Who says Americans are no longer self sufficient?