Compare and Contrast #963

Trump was asked how he felt about being added to Mount Rushmore. He said it sounded like a good idea to him. Let the games begin!

Trump at Mount Rushmore
Cat chasing laser

Ever seen a cat chase a laser pointer? Cats engaged in such play will devote total concentration to the task. They expend all sorts on energy, running, leaping, climbing trying the capture the red dot. Cats aren’t smart enough to realize that the red dot is an illusion. The person wielding the laser merely has to flick a wrist.

I used somewhat the same technique as a cop. Basically it is a misdirection play. I called it mindfuck. People have a preconceived notion of how a particular interaction ought to happen. Deviate from that norm and folks are suddenly forced into a problem solving mode. The canned response won’t work. This goes both ways.

Think back to the times you have been stopped for a traffic violation. Chances are the introduction, from the cops didn’t change. Slow things down and consider. The cop delivered a soliloquy during which he imparted information and requested information at the same time.

He didn’t have to think about his little speech. The traffic violator did. The cop was accessing what type of threat the violator posed, were the passengers behaving, what else was going on.

In mindfuck the player throws out a term that puts the other side off their game. It can be as simple as calling fat cat (do you know who I am?), by his first name or Bubba. For added fun call him sir when he responds appropriately and Bubba when he doesn’t. Can you say Pavlov’s dog?

Done correctly, one can throw out a zinger, forget about it and go about one’s business. Meanwhile the target will be bitching, moaning and carrying on for weeks afterwards.

I once defused a potential brawl, during a Super Bowl halftime, by calling a fifteen yard penalty. This action was complete with whistle and handkerchief in the air. The opposing sides separated and we worked things out.

It was reported that Trump commented about Epstein’s girlfriend. Supposedly he “wished her well.” And so? He didn’t express an opinion as to guilt or innocence. He made no offer to intervene. What’s the big deal?

There is a couple of hundred inmates on death row in Texas. I wish them all well. I also want them executed. I think the executions ought to be carried out in an expeditious manner. Why give them false hope?

Now Trump has got liberal idiots scrambling again. I wish they would make up their minds. When Obama visited Mount Rushmore it was an impressive monument. When Trump visited it was an illustration of excess to dead white guys. Now I guess talk of adding Trump to the monument would be to deface a priceless national treasure.

I have a cat. She isn’t very bright. However she is smart enough not to be duped into chasing laser lights. I guess that makes her smarter than liberals.