Compare and Contrast

I have always maintained that liberalism is a mental illness. Liberals have an inability to differentiate between reality and fantasy. Much of their behavior becomes compulsive and withstands any attempt to introduce rational thought. They have an unrealistic view of the world.

There is nothing wrong with fantasy. At the age of five I introduced myself to an adult neighbor as the: “Sheriff of Cochise,” a character in a popular TV show of the time. By the time I was six I was embarrassed by the whole thing and hoped he would forget. He didn’t. Liberals hold on to the fantasy and expect others to embrace it.

Somebody developed “Dungeons and Dragons” in 1974. A ritual of role play grew out of that game. I am convinced that Dungeons and Dragons gave rise to ANTIFA and BLM (Burn, Loot and Murder).

It is the only thing that makes sense. A bunch of losers get together, play dress-up and create an alternate reality. In this reality they see themselves as heroes. It doesn’t matter if the scrapings off a shoe, after visiting a dog park, are better. ANTIFA/BLM, for many, is just a variation on Dungeons and Dragons.

Trust me on this. Here is a blog entry from American Thinker that started me down this path.

Vince Londini discussed the dangers associated with extreme improvisation. Players may find themselves swallowed up in an imaginary world, largely detached from reality. They may even confuse the fantasy of the game with the real world. Perhaps Londini should write another essay on Antifa, a group of cowards who engage in sporadic bursts of improvised violence. Though this medley of black-clad anarchists doesn’t have an official leader or headquarters, members tend to worship at the altar of wokeness.

American Thinker, 07/08/2019

Then I started looking for parellels between the gaming community and ANTIFA. Can you say, “fish in a barrel?” Look at the pictures.

Out on the ANTIFA battle line, clothed in your revolutionary garb nobody can see that you are fat and ugly. ANTIFA intellectual honesty, shouting slogans such as: “Fuck the Police” and “Hands Up Don’t Shoot,” disguises the depths of stupidity of ANTIFA followers.

A Takeoff on John Barth Sums It Up

Oh, To Have An ANTIFA/BLM Magic Mirror.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some dedicated Marxist assholes out there. But for every one there are twenty that may have walked or taken the bus to the riot. They did that because they didn’t want their Prius to get scratched. Another dozen have be home by nine to let the dog out. No telling how many have to be home because their parents imposed a curfew. But they are all so edgy.