Compare and Contrast #311

Martin Luther King Jr.

Here are two stories about FBI corruption separated by over fifty years. Except they are not. J Edgar Hoover authorized the electronic surveillance and intelligence gathering targeting Martin Luther King Jr. James Comey, the seventh Director of the FBI authorized the investigation of Donald Trump. In each case the FBI broke the rules to achieve their goals.

The Church committee documented FBI abuses in 1975.,_Foreign_and_Military_Intelligence).pdf

Things changed even as they stayed the same. Counting acting FBI Directors Comey comes in as number 12. The FBI continued to use the same illegal practices. This represents an ongoing criminal conspiracy of over fifty years. Directors come and go and the culture remains the same.

There is a difference between the Hoover and Comey era. The FBI of Hoover’s time knew that illegally obtained evidence could never see the inside of a courtroom. They didn’t try to make a criminal case.

Comey and company failed to recognize this fact. The alternative is that they knew it. However, their contempt for system and the American people the allowed them to go further than J Edgar Hoover. The Obama minions were happy pervert the whole system or destroy it trying.

Treason is not an unreasonable charge. Indict the whole crew. Leave the death penalty on the table. Put the conspirators in the DC jail with no bond. Within a week, week and a half, all of them will be snitching and going for a deal.