Chicago Needs Gun Control

Chicago Shooting scene

Read the headlines of the Chicago papers. The numbers of people shot tell the tale. Liberals are correct…. Chicago needs gun control.

14 Shot, 3 Killed, on Monday in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago

Chicago violence: 51 shot, 10 fatally in Labor Day weekend shootings

45 shot, 10 fatally, across Chicago this weekend

Chicago Violence: 9 Killed, at Least 36 Wounded in Weekend Shootings

9 Killed, 25 Wounded So Far In Chicago Weekend Shootings

Crunch the numbers like I have. On any given weekend shooters are able to carry out their murderous intent, on average, only 24.6% of the time. In the marksmanship world 75% is the minimum score to obtain a Marksman Badge. Below is an example of Police marksmanship standards.

 Law Enforcement Marksmanship Qualification Bars
the NRA recommends that officers achieve scores reflective:
of 75% to 84% of the maximum allotted to be awarded one of the marksman badges,
85% to 94% for one of the sharpshooter badges, and
95% to 100% for one of the expert bars.
The Police Marksmanship Distinguished Bar, is usually awarded to those who have qualified as expert numerous times, demonstrating their ability to consistently achieve a high-level of marksmanship excellence.[25][42]

The NRA is in the process of addressing the poor Ghetto marksmanship by developing a training program. Here is a photo of the curriculum experts hard at work.

Here they demonstrate the Ghetto hold.

There is no confirmation that a modified “San Francisco hold” is being considered. The San Francisco hold requires shooters to grab each others crotch while maintaining target acquisition.