Can You Spot the Turkey?

A lot to be thankful for this November 22nd, Italian rifles, the Marine Marksmanship program, Saturday night specials, narrow bridges and arrogant pilots.


If you answered all of the above, you are right. 

So much of the Kennedy legend revolves around two things; women and water. Here are some examples:

John John failed ditching 101.  He took his wife and sister-in-law with him. It is unfortunate, there was room in the plane for three more Kennedy s. Visibility was poor and he was not an instrument rated pilot.

JFK had a cushy job in the Pentagon that would have kept him out of combat. That is until he started screwing a Nazi spy. Next thing he knew, his ass and PT boat were getting run over by a Japanese destroyer in the Pacific.

Rumors persist that both JFK and “Bobby” were screwing Marilyn Monroe. No word on whether they double teamed her. She exited stage left, allegedly a suicide.

“A Bridge Too Far” refers to Operation Market Garden, an ill fated plan put together by Field Marshal Montgomery. Paratroopers were supposed to capture and hold a bridge across the Rhine until ground forces could relieve them. Those forces never arrived. Had Teddy been there he would have been a hero. He wasn’t.

Teddy’s bridge too far was a one lane bridge. It spanned Poucha Pond which separated Chappaquiddick Island from Martha’s Vineyard. Teddy drove his Delta 88 off a one lane bridge into the pond. Mary Jo Kopechne did not get out of the car and died. Teddy, in true Kennedy heroic fashion, boogied. He reported the accident ten hours later.

In the Kennedy world intelligence, integrity, scruples, loyalty and a keen sense of what’s right are all just so much excess baggage. All one needs is daddy’s money, no conscience and a good PR machine.