Call of the Wild

Fox bites congress critter. Hope the fox didn’t catch anything.

A fox bit a democrat congress critter on Capitol grounds. The Capitol police caught the fox and are checking it for rabies. I guess that is appropriate. There is no word on whether or not the congress critter had a rabies tag.

My buddy and I used to play golf in East Potomac Park. It is just across the Washington Channel from the Capitol, probably less than a quarter mile. It was not unusual to have a fox shadow our movements as we played. I suspect other golfers threw food at the fox. The fox was just looking for a free lunch. When none was forthcoming the fox would go on to the next foursome. The fox never caused any problems.

Wonder what the rest of the story is? It could have been an unprovoked attack. On the other hand, did the Capitol fox and the congress critter get into a tussle over roadkill? I lean towards the fight over food. There isn’t anything a democrat won’t do.