California Dreamin’ #69

People wonder why California is such a disaster. This could be the answer.

Cops bust up a gathering on a California beach. The article leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Why did the cops raid the group? Was it a violation of Chinese flu restrictions? Could it have been suspected terrorist activity?

California has never had an original thought. I think Jimmy Stewart did this bit over sixty years ago in the movie “Harvey”. People thought he was crazy talking to an imaginary six foot rabbit name Harvey.

According to the police: “The group was listening to recordings about climate change and Mother Earth while assembled around a 4 ft. model of a vagina,” Richmond Police Chief Al Walle

What no pictures? What about body cams? The cops say it was a giant vagina. Prove it! Was it anatomically correct? It could of been a giant bearded clam.

Neither are four foot vaginas