Build the Wall


DHS came out with a report yesterday that states that 3 out 4 individuals convicted of terrorism, were foreign born. These people are not suspects. They are not the boogey man that intelligence analysts see under the bed. These are individuals who have been tried and convicted in a U.S. Court of terrorism charges. DHS-report, three-out-four-individuals-convicted-international-terrorism-and-terrorism

Scared yet? How about this? Based on my experience, investigating drug related offenses, I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of cases, that result in conviction were law enforcement initiated. That means that the public had no role in the investigation that led to the arrest. At best, law enforcement may have received a call, short on facts that served as a pointer towards a specific individual. That means the ultimate charge, co-conspirators, object of the proposed attack may bear no resemblance to what was originally planned. So arrest and conviction may be nothing more than a temporary set back. 

Terrorists that make it to the United States are not poor, unfunded, ignorant and desperate. Terrorists have discovered that screwing goats and shitting in fields on Wednesday does not prepare one for life in the United States on  Friday. This fact eliminates a significant cadre of would be bombers and terrorists. Many of the terrorists captured in the United States are not the downtrodden. Some have middle class jobs and superficially, at least lead middle class lives.

The nature of immigrants have changed. Along the Southwest border, Mexicans crossing illegally are doing so to better their economic situation. However, over the long term there is always the intent to return to Mexico. Contrast that with the Jews, Irish, and Eastern Europeans that boarded ship in Liverpool knowing  that they would never return and would never see those they left behind again. A trip that took weeks now is only a matter of hours. The effort to adopt to a new homeland isn’t as acute as it once was.

Contrary to popular belief, immigration wasn’t as unrestricted as liberals would have you believe  Chinese Exclusion Act (1882), Chinese Exclusion (Scott) Act of 1888, and  “The Immigration Act of 1924”.  Set specfic quotas against specific races up until the 1960s. Most infamously, during the holocaust Jewish immigration was capped at 250,000 all during the pre-post WWII period. Seems like Roosevelt should at least get an assist for Hitler’s Final Solution.

IMMIGRATION IS NOT A SUICIDE PACT. It is a legal process subject to legal constraints, not a political process. Here are some considerations for reforming the Immigration system.

Secure the borders. If potential immigrants can’t make the trip legally, then they shouldn’t be rewarded for making it illegally.

Another factor that argues for stringent vetting is that not all who come to America will be successful. Theoretically, those who do not succeed can be deported to the country of origin. Except many countries do not honor their commitment and refuse to take their citizens back. Take one back, let one in; no quid pro quo, no immigration.

Many countries, the Third World Shit Holes, do not have the ability or incentive to assist in the vetting of potential immigrants. The United States Department of State and Immigration and Naturalization Service should be required to certify, on a yearly basis those nations who fail to have an  acceptable system in place,

Welfare, social security disability, unemployment benefits are only payable in the United States. Terminal payments via EFT are okay up to the end of a grace period set by Congress. An immigrant who worked legitimately and contributed to Social Security, Medicare, or government pension system or annuity is entitled to his/her earnings.  An immigrant receiving unemployment benefits  loses those benefits once they become unavailable to work in the U.S.

Upon a criminal filing in a court of competent jurisdiction all pending and future Immigration Administrative actions against a defendant are suspended. Immigration actions against a convicted felon shall be handled in United States District Court with the only factor to be considered is their status as a convicted felon.