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Migrant woman attempting to climb over border fence falls, is impaled by steel rod

November 25, 2018 | Vivek Saxena |

An illegal immigrant mother of two from Guatemala wound up at an American hospital receiving taxpayer-subsidized care Friday after she reportedly fell while climbing a border fence near the San Ysidro Port of Entry in San Diego and was impaled by a rebar.

“The mother climbed the fence east of the port of entry, where construction crews have been working to replace decades-old primary fencing with a new barrier. When she fell, pieces of rebar pierced her side and buttocks,” The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Somebody is in trouble now! It isn’t the wetback that failed fence climbing 101. She gets free medical treatment and a shot at what is behind door #2.  The key word here is not illegal entry, or trespassing. No, it is construction. As in workplace safety, OSHA, Rebar impalement protection.

This could open up a whole new practice area in law; immigration/personal injury.  I can see it now.

“Your honor, my client suffered horrific injuries because the contractor didn’t provide fall protection on the construction site. OSHA calls for barriers, or harnesses neither one of which were made available to my client. At minimum any vertical rebar should have been shielded. The fact that my client was trespassing is immaterial…”

“Your honor, there my client was, padding across the Rio Grande, dreaming of a new life and a catfish dinner in Del Rio. Suddenly, his inner tube sprung a leak. Instead of dining on catfish, the catfish dined on him. Goodyear manufactured a defective product, an inner tube that can’t even make it across the Rio Grande…”

“Your honor, my clients were promised a ride across the border in air conditioned comfort. Little did they know that they were climbing into a trailer of frozen food. Bird’s Eye is responsible, if the company labeled the boxes in Spanish they would have had a warning. Instead, they ended up as frozen as the fish sticks they were riding with…”

Wetbacks, Fresh, Never Frozen

Sensitivity is a slogan on a condom wrapper.