Back At Ya

San Francisco has decided to blacklist states whose views on abortion doesn’t coincide with the theirs. Los Angeles has banned travel to Alabama. The State California bans travel to a variety off states for a variety of reasons.

Let’s not forget the specially formulated gasoline to meet California standards. Also there is the ever popular vehicle modifications to meet California Emissions standards.


Why does California get to make the rules? How much money could the oil and car companies have saved if they had simply said this is what we’re offering. If you don’t like it do without. Had companies taken this tact they may have lost California business. I wonder if they could have sold more units at a lower price. They could have offered a California Option and cut the infrastructure costs associated with complying with rules foisted on the rest of the nation by a single state.

It’s not to late. The “Field of Dreams” bullshit only works in movies and California.

Only in California

California’s welfare system does nothing for the homeless. It is lucrative for the welfare contractor, social workers and associated bureaucrats. Where can a person make a living shoveling shit off of side walks and get paid $70,000 a year? San Francisco is where. Do you really think they guy with the shovel wants the homeless to stop shitting in the streets?

There is a chance to get back at California. It starts with strict enforcement of local laws and ordinances on welfare cheats, homeless and assorted other leaches. Arrest them and prosecute for every infraction. Offer them “pretrial diversion” a bus ticket to California and $200 cash.

Quality of life improves for the taxpayers as the homeless move to California. Costs go down as communities downsize their welfare and homeless support structure.

Seems like a good trade to me.

Don’t confuse me with reality