Another One Bites The Dust

I’m not sure that the death penalty serves as a general deterrent. I am not sympathetic to the argument regarding intellectual disabilities. Carried to the logical end, democrats would be exempted from the imposition of the death penalty.

Seems ideal to me. If an inmate is too crazy to understand what is happening, lie. Tell him after his nap, he’ll wake up in Disney World. No fuss, no muss and no anxiety.

The Feds are fixing to execute another inmate. Here’s an argument that libs can’t refute. The jury sentenced this turd to death. Up until the needle is slipped into his vein, he has managed to escape punishment. Death row isn’t punishment. It also is not set up to rehabilitate. Rehabilitation happens when the sentence is carried out. It’s just the waiting room for the nest stop.

The original concept behind using lethal gas was to sneak up on the condemned and gas him while he was asleep. Turns out the cells were to drafty and the gas dissipated to quickly.

I like the Saudi alternative. Those that survived the attack on the Grand Mosque were sentenced to death. The Mullahs decided that beheading was inappropriate. Allah had to have the final say as to whether the prisoners lived or died.

So the Saudis loaded all the condemned prisoners into a C-130, flew out over the desert and then they dropped the back ramp. The guy that told me the story was one of the soldiers that threw the prisoners out of the plane, sans parachute. Whether they lived or died was entirely in the hands of Allah.