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Too bad … so sad

The assholes in the MSM are at it again. The headlines scream ICE busts wetback taking pregnant wife to hospital. OK, maybe they didn’t say wetback. Here is the rest of the story:

The illegal alien has been in the country for nine years. He claims he has never been arrested or even received a traffic ticket during that time. I believe him. If he had run into law enforcement and by extension ICE, his ass would have been deported long ago. There is the little matter of a murder warrant for his arrest in Mexico. Don’t you just hate it when minor overlooked details  pop up to ruin your day?

Oh, the pregnant wife was not in labor. She was on the way to the hospital for a scheduled C-section. The reader wouldn’t know that by listening to her lying scumbag piece of shit attorney, but I repeat myself.

Arrona Lara’s lawyer, Emilio Amaya Garcia, accused ICE officers of endangering Venegas and her unborn baby.
“In this case, not only did they put the life of the mother in danger, but also that of the child, who is a citizen of this country,” he told Univision on Thursday.

Emilo Amaya Garcia
Ice Arrests Illegal

Garcia is in violation of liberal dogma. He claims that the unborn child is a citizen of the US. How can this be? All liberals know that a fetus is nothing more than a lump of tissue, akin to a tumor. Tumors and fetuses do not have rights and maintain no citizenship. Get out the coat hangers and administer 30 lashes to Garcia for deviation from the party line.