A Return to the Good Old Days

Larry Elder attacked by woman wearing a gorilla mask


Larry Elder, a black Republican, was attacked during a campaign appearance. California Governor Newsome had this to say.

Newsom was just following the lead of other democrat governors. Lester Maddox, of Georgia, would be proud.

Lester Maddox

Given the history of democrat politics, this story isn’t particularly newsworthy. A review:

Masks, threats, intimidation and assault. The only thing new in the Elder incident are the gorilla mask and bicycle.

It’s just business as usual for democrats.

During the reconstruction period after the civil war, President U.S. Grant enfranchised the newly freed slaves. Southern Democrats embraced his efforts and celebrated the new voters with a series of celebratory bonfires.

Memphis Freedmen’s Riot
Coushatta Massacre

I can understand Basement Joe’s efforts to make nice to the Taliban. He is just trying to usher some moderates into the democrat big tent. After all the Taliban doesn’t hate the United States as much as those currently in control of the democrats.